Product listPRODUCT
Auto plastic cooling fan
Positive and negative to the cooling fan
Silicon oil fan clutch assembly
Electronic fan assembly
Fan block
Air filter components
Oil filter components
Fuel filter components
Automotive fuel tank parts
Drainage basin
The steam valve
The cap
Tank shell
The car engine parts
The crankcase ventilation assembly(Oil and gas separator)
Plastic cylinder head cover
Plastic air intake manifold
Plastic pump impeller
Noise insulation pad
The oil gauge
Add oil flap
Auto blow molding products
Auto blow molding products
Car foam products
Car foam products
         Nanchong LingYunGao polyethylene manufacturing co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery of the jialing river,Regional politics in northeast sichuan、The economy、Culture、Transportation center,Three total home—Nanchong;Adjacent to the riverside avenue、Phoenix (mountain scenic spot,Is a car engine system、The cooling system、The fuel oil supply system、Steering system、Air intake system of special engineering plastics parts development and manufacturing science and technology enterprises;The company covers an area of10m,Production building area6000Square meters;In injection molding、Blow molding、Foam、Mechanical processing is given priority to means of production, Annual output of various types of special engineering plastics auto parts500Thousands of sets of production capacity.&…… In more detail

Plastic air intake manifold

Plastic cylinder head cover

The crankcase ventilation assembly(Oil and gas separator)

Plastic air filter assembly5

Electronic fan assembly1

Silicon oil fan clutch assembly2



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