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  Weihui municipal suggested paper co., LTD. Was founded in2006Years,Is located in henan province weihui municipal,Set research and development、Production、Sales and service in one body,Is a company specializing in the production of the gold card paper、Silver cardboard、Laser paper and other specialty paper manufacturer。Our products are mainly used for gift、Food、Alcohol and tobacco、Drink、Cosmetics such as all kinds of packaging,Not only sell well in all parts of country,And exported to Europe and the United States、The Middle East and Asia。
  The strict control of the company all staff dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction services。In addition,We also through alibabaA&VCertification,And become the gold suppliers。
We adhering to the customer first、With high quality and efficiency、Reasonable prices and quality service。Looking forward to the cooperation with you,Create brilliant。...
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