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To provide you with a full range of chemical solutions
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Mr Ma guang teng building materials operations center
Mr Ma guang teng building materials operations center
Cooperate with firm chemical co., LTD for many years,Trials and hardships,I witnessed an enterprise growing up、Process from weak to strong。Over the years,They company with excellent quality and good after-sales service to win the recognition of the broad masses of customers and customers....
Gloss coating
Gloss coating
As the chemical raw material market growing,Operating chemical raw materials wholesale and retail of manufacturer and explosive growth;Chemical raw materials demand also will increase。Have sprung up on the market many chemical raw materials manufacturer。My company and dongguan shengfeng....
Days that water_Water factory that day_Water supply that day_Universal days that water_Shengfeng chemical industry
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Dongguan shengfeng chemical co., LTD
Dongguan shengfeng chemical co., LTD. Chemical production、Trade is a body enterprise。At the same time create dongguan enterprise Shi Shunfeng decorative material,Boluo county the suitable coating chemical industry co., LTD。The company was founded in2000Years。Business for more than ten years,Shengfeng flattery"Credibility of suffering,The customer is supreme,Quality and price and optimal"Aim for the principle.
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Frequently asked questions
What are the four hydrogen of benzene anhydride compound structure?

Four hydrogen phthalic anhydride2AThe hydrolysis reaction of the need for two days。Two ether anhydride by three steps. Synthesis method,With glycol(1AAnd1B)With4-The nitro phthalates nitrile...

Thinner, and what's the difference between quick dry water?

Many customers will ask are thinner, and quick dry dilute ink,What is the difference between the two?Thinner is colorless transparent liquid,Mainly use....

In choosing washing network water which need to be aware of?

A、Look at the product washing net strength requirements,If wash the net power demand is not big,Optional strength low,Such as718Wash water;If wash the net demand...

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