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Lanzhou, the intelligence home network technology co., LTDMillion enterprises in gansu province,Lanzhou the think tank(简称“Million enterprises in gansu province、Lanzhou the think tank”)In tianshui、Jiuquan、Zhang ye、Qingyang、Wuwei、Of out、In gansu province、Dingxi, professional provide in lanzhou400The phone、Website optimization、Internet company、Baidu、The network marketing、WeChat public development、3DA panoramic view、VRA panoramic view、Corporate videos、Business、For hosting, such as one-stop marketing services companies。The company's predecessor was active in the northwest、Southwest nearly a decade,In order to“The hotel”、“Food and beverage”、“Tourism”、“The real estate”、“Service life”Is based on the solution of industry,Reached a depth of cooperation with a number of service providers。16Years for ascension、To improve the target customer based support network,Million are introduced3DA panoramic view、VR、flash、The production of corporate videos and design,The site also throughHTML5Strengthens the enterprise and the terminal customer interaction ability。To tell the story of a good brand,Is what we have been doing。Qi bao,Restructuring in2015Years1Month;The predecessor and the major well-known enterprises such as the Internet service:Baidu、Google、Yahoo、Sina、Netease、Alibaba、Industry portal、Mobile、Unicom、Telecommunications and other important strategic partner relationship is established;And has become China's nets、Western digital、- all the important partners of many Internet companies such as China,This is qi treasure the basis of former work。

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