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  Anyang is best trade co., LTD is a professional steel trade、Processing、Distribution of circulation enterprises,Anyang is best trade co., LTD is located in the first of the seven ancient capitals of China shells******,Oracle's hometown——The world cultural heritage city of anyang!In the east beijing-zhuhai expressway and beijing-guangzhou railway,Is the shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area four provinces intersection center,107National road runs through it,Taihang mountains in the west,The world-famous artificial tianhe——The red flag canal,The transportation is convenient,Have excellent regional location。  Anyang is best trade co., LTD., angang group、Hebei iron and steel group、Laiwu steel group level agents。Mainly engaged in all kinds of material、Models、The size of the plate bridge、ZTo the board、Gao Jianban、Resistance of thick plate、Gao Qiangban、Q345B/C/D/E、Q235B/C/D/E、Boiler plate、Container plate、Open the tablet、The pattern plate、Seamless tube、Welded pipe Angle、Channel steel、Beams、HSteel。The company in line with me“To the quality strives for credibility、

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